Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Lolita Dress from Qutieland

Last Friday my new lolita dress arrived :D
I brought a dress and a petticoat from Qutieland. The dress was $75 AUD + Headband bow $14.70 AUD and petticoat was $35 AUD.

The dress was Tailored made, and fits perfectly.
The dress is not lined (which I hoped it would be), the lace has been caught and has to be unpicked and resewn again (which is easy to do).
All in all for $75AUD I would say it's a great dress.

The dress is very comfortable :)

The petticoat fits well. As you can see in my first photo, I don't need to wear another petticoat as it poofs the dress out really well.
Petticoat is lined.

Communication with Qutieland is really good. Every email I sent they replied really quickly, which was great. They helped me pick which size I should get (I ended up getting it made to my measurements).

Commutation 5/5
Dress 3.5/5
Petticoat 4/5

Will I be ordering again from Qutieland?
Yes, I will. They have a great range at good prices. And as I don't have a huge amount to spend on lolita clothing, it's a great website!

Has anyone else brought from Qutieland??


  1. That dress is very lovely! I think it suits you well^^

  2. this is such a pretty pretty dress <3 and it suits you well too