Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Off to the City!

Was at work today...so nothing much happened.
Love my job lol, I am working in Newtown. If you come to Sydney, you have to spend a day walking down King Street in Newtown. There are so many cool shops and lots of hand made things too.
My mum and I are going to spend a day (hopefully soon, maybe after we come back from Melbourne) shopping in King Street.

Forget to tell everyone that I am going to Melbourne end of next month with my mum, YAY!!
We are going to see the 'Tim Burton Exhibit'
This will be my first time, so mum is making sure we see everything we can in 3 days!

Was at a showing this weekend. On the opening night, I wore my chandelier skirt. I will put up photo when I get the photos.
Tomorrow I am going to one my my favourite bookshops in the city, 'Kinokuniya'.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Angelic Pretty - Fantastic Dolly Series

If you have not seen Angelic Pretty's new series 'Fantastic Dolly' then run over to Angelic Pretty Now!

The new series is so cute and Paris, France inspired (as you can see in the socks)

It comes in 3 different style dresses and 2 different style skirts

The dresses range in price from 27,090 Yen to 26,040 Yen (358.55AUD to 344.65AUD - 318.89USD/ 306.53USD to

And the skirts 16,590 Yen to 17,640 Yen (219.60AUD to 233.45AUD – 195.29USD to 207.65USD)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

6% DokiDoki

On Saturday we had a part y for my Dad’s birthday!!
I was planning on posting on Saturday, but just could not find time to -so sorry everyone :(
Anyway, the blog post I was going to post I shall post now!

This year to celebrate 6% DokiDoki World Tour “Harajuku Kawaii Experience World Tour 2010!” they are having fashion shows in five cities around the world (Harajuku, London, Paris, L.A, and San Francisco)

The theme for the tour is “Communication”

Photos Thanks to:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Japanese Fashion Trend - Straw Handbags and Lace Umbrellas

The big trend hitting Japan for Spring 2010 is straw handbags.

They come in all shapes and styles. I am loving the big bows on the outside of the handbags!
Next month is the start of Spring here in Australia and I shall be wearing a straw handbag!!

Another trend I hear is, lace umbrellas

It is a great way of keeping you under the shade and prevent your skin being sunburnt.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

New Skirt and Bonnet

At the beginning on the month SMASH! ( cosplay convention) was on. I was cosplaying again as lolita kakashi! I would upload photos here, but I took so many photos that it would take forever!!
So you can go to my Facebook and see them there 'Link'

While I was at SMASH! I went to One day in Paradise (a lolita shop) and bought a beautiful chandelier skirt and 'Anna House' black lace Bonnet.

I have not worn it yet, but I can not wait!!

Also for all the lolitas in Sydney,Australia (or anyone lolitas coming to Sydney) I am having a 'Lolita High Tea' next year, Sunday 6th of February. Details on Aussie Girl in a Lolita World Facebook page

Friday, August 13, 2010

Still Here!!

I have been sooo busy that I have not had time to update my blog :(

I have also being thinking about changing what I post on this blog. It will still be a lolita blog, but with other fashion/book/movie posts as well.

So Everyday (if I can, I might get busy sometimes so I might miss a couple of days posting)
I will post on the blog. On Thursday I will still have 'Thursday Lolita Photos', but Tuesdays will no longer be 'Fairy Kei'.

Blog Post:
  • Monday - 'Everyday post of what is happening in my lolita world!'
  • Tuesday - Again 'Everyday post of what is happening in my lolita world!'
  • Wednesday - Japanese Fashion Trend Post (anything from Lolita to Goth to Fairy Kei to everyday fashions in Japan)
  • Thursday - 'Thursday Lolita Photos' Post
  • Friday - Book Post (A review on a great book I have read, just before the weekend!)
  • Saturday - Who knows! It might be a movie review or new lolita dress design that has just come out or post of a party/club I have been to.
  • Sunday - No Post (I need one day off!!)

My weekends are my busiest days of the week, so that might be the days I don't post. But don't get too upset by Monday I will have a post up!

Come back on Monday and check out my new blog post!!

Till then, Happy Friday 13th

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursday Lolita Photo -10-

Thursday Lolita Photos!!

(via Cotton Candy Days)

(via The Problem of Leisure)

(via Painting the Roses Pink)

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Worn Wild Market

On Sunday my friend and I went to 'Worn Wild Market'

(Me on the right ^.^)
(before I show any photos, just want to say it was very dark and I was using my phone Camera)

We walked around to see what stalls were there. I was also looking for 'Furr' to buy some hairdye (but they were not there)

Once we had walked around, we did another walk around this time talking to the stallholders. They were all very nice to talk to. The woman at the 'In Visible Light' stall invited me to a another get together/market they are having 'Steam Engine IX'

They had two fashion shows, 3pm and 4:30pm. Each fashion show showcased different clothes.

There is going to be another 'Worn Wild Market' in December
(Plus there are also going to be in Melbourn soon)

Tuesday Fairy Kei Photos -3-

Tuesday Fairy Kei Photos
(via FYeah Pop Kei Fashion)

(via My Over-filled Wish List)

(via Fairy Princess)

(via FYeah Pop Kei Fashion)

(via CupCake Radioactif)

(via Kyandi)

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Twilight Eclipse Movie

Last night I went to see 'Eclipse' the 3rd Twilight movie.

I have to say Eclipse is my favourite Twilight yet, minus the screaming from the young girl fans ! At times it is hard to hear what they are saying on the screen for all the screaming.
I am a big fan of the books, not so much of the movies. But I go to see the movies just because I have read the books.

And as most of my friends don't like Twilight, I drag my best friend Jamie! He is not a fan of the movies, but as I don't like going to the movies by myself he comes with me.

I intended seeing the movie in 2 weeks (after all the screaming girl fans have seen the movie!) But Jamie's sister was selling tickets to the movie for a fundraiser, so I bought a ticket to the earlier session :)

(Oh! I am Team Edward for the books, But Team Jacob for the movies!!)

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob??!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Phone!!

Today my new phone came!!
It's a Nokia E71, black. The phone is slim, light and I can get onto Facebook really easily.

I am going to find some cute stickers, jewels (etc) to decorate my phone with soon ^.^

What phones does everyone have??? Anyone have the new IPhone 4??
(My dream phone is T-Mobile Sidekick)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

'Tuesday Fairy Kei Photos -2-

Tuesday Fairy Kei Photos
(via chai.mungcal )

(via fuckyeahfairykei)

(via lilliecherry)

(via fuckyeahfairykei)

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Lolita Photos -9-

Today in Australia we have a new Prime Minister, our first female PM.
We didn't have a vote on it, as a former PM stepped down. Hopefully we will be having a vote in 2 months.
Now for 'Thursday Lolita Photos'
(If you want more lolita photos everyday, please watch 'Aussie Girl in a Lolita World Tumblr')

(via Cotton Candy Days)

(via FYeahDecoLolita)

(via Cotton Candy Days)

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