Friday, July 2, 2010

Twilight Eclipse Movie

Last night I went to see 'Eclipse' the 3rd Twilight movie.

I have to say Eclipse is my favourite Twilight yet, minus the screaming from the young girl fans ! At times it is hard to hear what they are saying on the screen for all the screaming.
I am a big fan of the books, not so much of the movies. But I go to see the movies just because I have read the books.

And as most of my friends don't like Twilight, I drag my best friend Jamie! He is not a fan of the movies, but as I don't like going to the movies by myself he comes with me.

I intended seeing the movie in 2 weeks (after all the screaming girl fans have seen the movie!) But Jamie's sister was selling tickets to the movie for a fundraiser, so I bought a ticket to the earlier session :)

(Oh! I am Team Edward for the books, But Team Jacob for the movies!!)

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob??!!


  1. Same as you Team edward in the Books but Team Jacob in the movies.^^
    On the 10 th of July i´ll see the triplefeature from Twilight.
    I´m soo excited to see Eclipse. Its my Favourite Book from the Saga^^

  2. i can't wait to see the movie too. i love the books and i love the movies :)

    and i must say that edward and bella are the perfct couple. jake is to good for bella *hihi*

    i'm not into a real team. the story is good like it is :)

    but i'm little sad that they changed the actress of victoria :(

  3. Bleh, lol. I heard Eclipse is just filler piecing together Full Moon and Breaking Dawn. Like no progress is made in Eclipse at all...just more whining and senseless moping from everyone.

  4. Nehh don't like the books, don't like the movies. This is just me, but when I read Twilight I hated Bella (not a good sign if you hate the main character from the get go).

    Glad you liked the movie though! There's nothing worse than a movie absolutely butchering a well loved book.