Friday, April 30, 2010

CosplayWig Review

Yesterday my wig came, YaY!
I purchased my wig from 'CosplayWig'

They posted my wig (air mail) on the 25th (April) and I received it on the 29th (April)
I was really happy about how fast it came

They included a free Wig cape to wear under my wig.
They also put in a 'Thank You' care, which was really cute and nice.

The wig is so soft and feels like real hair.
The wig is perfect, I love it!!

So out of 10, I would give 'CosplayWig' 10/10
- Fast postage
- Great quality
I will definitely buy my next wig from 'CosplayWig'

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Lolita Photos -3-

YaY for Thursday!!!
My wig came today, I'll write a review and show everyone photos on tomorrows post.

This Saturday I will be at the Balmain Markets (Sydney,Australia), selling my handbags. So if you live in Sydney, please come see me.

I have been following his blog for sometime now and I love his style kodona (lolita boystyle)/aristocrat

(via Dollygal)

(via Dollygal)

(The Problem of Leisure)

If you have any photos that you would like me to post email photos to me :
(Make sure the email subject is: Thursday Lolita Photos)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today I went to Newtown (Sydney,Australia). I went to a alternative hairsalon, Furr.
I have been wanting for awhile to dye my hair purple and aqua blue. I talk to John (one of the hairdresses) about my hair, colours and to see if it will not clash with my style, Lolita. I don't want anything too crazy, just keeping the hair cut I have now and adding colours to it.
We talked for about half an hour, all I have to do now is start saving!

Hopefully very soon I will come home one day to find a package waitting for me and in that package will be my wig (cross my fingers) !!
Here is two hints of who I am cosplaying wig is long pigtails grey/white......cosplaying outfit is lolita inspired.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

True Blood Excitement!!

I was at the Balmain Markets last Saturday. All the stallholders were so friendly and helpful to me; I can't wait till next Saturday when I will be back at Balmain Markets.
I have over 30 followers YaY! I have started getting things together for the giveaway, which I will be able to show you soon.
I have just found out some very exicting news......Allan Hyde will be coming to Sydney (Australia) in June for Supanova!!!
(Allan Hyde played Godric in True Blood)
I am so exicted!!
I want to get a photograph with him and also an autograph, but....I dont think I will get a photograph with him as I will be in my cosplay outfit....

What does everyone think, should I get a photograph with Allan in my cosplay outfit or should I just get a autograph???

Allan Hyde as Godric in 'True Blood'

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Lolita Photos -2-

Yay it's Thursday!!
Hope everyone likes the lolita photos I have found this week.

I have been busy making handbags for this Saturday, as I will be at Balmain Markets (Sydney, Australia).
My Sunday will see me making my cosplay outfit for Supanova in Sydney. Which Anime character will I be cosplaying? Well that is a secret!! :P

I have decided that when I reach 30 followers I will have a giveway!

(via Pop Lolita Lolipop)

Too gorgeous

(via Pop Lolita Lolipop)

(via Pop Lolita Lolipop)
Love the icing sparkle injections!

So many choices

Just love the handbag!

If you have any photos that you would like me to post email photos to me :
(Make sure the email subject is: Thursday Lolita Photos)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cute Unicorn Handbag

Couple of weeks ago, I went into a secondhand shop and I found this cute unicorn handbag.

I went to the city last weekend and went into one of my favouite shops 'Morning Glory'
I found this really cute cookie mirror

Now I have 2 deliciously cute mirrors ^.^

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thursday Lolita Photos -1-

I have been thinking about how I love posting photos of lolitas, so I will make it a weekly thing :)
Once a week , lets say every Thurdays I will do a post with just lolita photos.
(If you have any photos that you would like me to post email photos to me : )

(via Kantorka)

(via Kantorka)

(via Sweet Lolita Fashion) She is so kawaii (cute)

(via Sweet Lolita fashion)

Goodbye Summer

After 2 years in production, I am retiring my Summer design (the famous MercedesLouise spot bag) we at MercedesLouise will no longer be making the bag.

If you still wanted a fabulous Summer bag, we still have stock available, but not for very long. So run over to the MercedesLouise website to grab a Summer bag before it’s too late!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Angelic Pretty Tea Cup handbag

I found this photo of a sweet lolita from JapaneseStreets

I love her Angelic Pretty Tea Cup bag

Does anyone know where I can get this bag? And if it comes in anyother colour?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Winter Lolita

I hope everyone had a great Easter
My family and I went to our weekender by the lake
As winter well be here soon in Australia, I have started looking around for a cute lolita jacket
I have found some that I really like and I am hoping to get one soon
I will probably get the jacket in black, as I am a Gothic lolita though I have been thinking lately that I might buy/make a Sweet lolita dress in a blue colour.

(1. I want it in: Black spot with white faux fur)

(2. I want it in: Black with white faux fur)

(3. I want it in: Black)

Which jacket do you think is the best, 1 or 2 or 3?