Friday, April 30, 2010

CosplayWig Review

Yesterday my wig came, YaY!
I purchased my wig from 'CosplayWig'

They posted my wig (air mail) on the 25th (April) and I received it on the 29th (April)
I was really happy about how fast it came

They included a free Wig cape to wear under my wig.
They also put in a 'Thank You' care, which was really cute and nice.

The wig is so soft and feels like real hair.
The wig is perfect, I love it!!

So out of 10, I would give 'CosplayWig' 10/10
- Fast postage
- Great quality
I will definitely buy my next wig from 'CosplayWig'


  1. Oh my gosh, that wig is so beautiful! It does look very nice quality, and it was sweet they included the wig cap and thank you card.

    You look super cute in that wig >3<

  2. it looks great ^^
    the thank you card is cute :3

  3. So cute!
    I was curious about where to buy cosplay stuff- I take a look at "CosplayWig" now. ^o^

  4. I knew it! That hairstyle looked familiar to me, so I showed your blog to my sister. She said that she has styled some of her friends' synthetic wigs like that. Your wig is awesome, Mercedes! By the way, do you also wear wigs to formal occasions? My sister wears Forever Young wigs whenever she attends a red carpet event. It makes her look like a celebrity.