Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today I went to Newtown (Sydney,Australia). I went to a alternative hairsalon, Furr.
I have been wanting for awhile to dye my hair purple and aqua blue. I talk to John (one of the hairdresses) about my hair, colours and to see if it will not clash with my style, Lolita. I don't want anything too crazy, just keeping the hair cut I have now and adding colours to it.
We talked for about half an hour, all I have to do now is start saving!

Hopefully very soon I will come home one day to find a package waitting for me and in that package will be my wig (cross my fingers) !!
Here is two hints of who I am cosplaying wig is long pigtails grey/white......cosplaying outfit is lolita inspired.


  1. Wow, love to see what happens.

    For the cosplay I'm thinking someone from that doll anime (forgots its name >.<)

    Or club to death angel dokuro chan

  2. Oh, blue and purple sound so cute, good luck with your saving^^

    Sorry, I can't guess the cosplay since I don't know anime/manga well anymore haha!

  3. blue and purple sounds so pretty ^^
    i cant wait to see it ^^