Tuesday, April 27, 2010

True Blood Excitement!!

I was at the Balmain Markets last Saturday. All the stallholders were so friendly and helpful to me; I can't wait till next Saturday when I will be back at Balmain Markets.
I have over 30 followers YaY! I have started getting things together for the giveaway, which I will be able to show you soon.
I have just found out some very exicting news......Allan Hyde will be coming to Sydney (Australia) in June for Supanova!!!
(Allan Hyde played Godric in True Blood)
I am so exicted!!
I want to get a photograph with him and also an autograph, but....I dont think I will get a photograph with him as I will be in my cosplay outfit....

What does everyone think, should I get a photograph with Allan in my cosplay outfit or should I just get a autograph???

Allan Hyde as Godric in 'True Blood'


  1. ooowwww
    I hope you´ll get an Photo with him.
    I loved him in True Blood

  2. tehe good lukc in getting a photo and autograph ^^

  3. If you can get a photo with him I think that would be awesome^^ Sorry I don't know anything about trublood. My mom is the fan of it haha.

  4. I love Trueblood!

    You should definitely get a photo with him and an autograph. :)