Friday, August 13, 2010

Still Here!!

I have been sooo busy that I have not had time to update my blog :(

I have also being thinking about changing what I post on this blog. It will still be a lolita blog, but with other fashion/book/movie posts as well.

So Everyday (if I can, I might get busy sometimes so I might miss a couple of days posting)
I will post on the blog. On Thursday I will still have 'Thursday Lolita Photos', but Tuesdays will no longer be 'Fairy Kei'.

Blog Post:
  • Monday - 'Everyday post of what is happening in my lolita world!'
  • Tuesday - Again 'Everyday post of what is happening in my lolita world!'
  • Wednesday - Japanese Fashion Trend Post (anything from Lolita to Goth to Fairy Kei to everyday fashions in Japan)
  • Thursday - 'Thursday Lolita Photos' Post
  • Friday - Book Post (A review on a great book I have read, just before the weekend!)
  • Saturday - Who knows! It might be a movie review or new lolita dress design that has just come out or post of a party/club I have been to.
  • Sunday - No Post (I need one day off!!)

My weekends are my busiest days of the week, so that might be the days I don't post. But don't get too upset by Monday I will have a post up!

Come back on Monday and check out my new blog post!!

Till then, Happy Friday 13th

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