Monday, June 21, 2010

Supanova Sydney

Before I write about Supanova, I want to let everyone know that every Tuesday is now going to be "Tuesday Fairy Kei Photos".

For Supanova I cosplayed as.......Lolita Kakashi (from the manga/anime 'Naruto')

On Friday night, Molly (a friend of mine) came over. We made sure everything was ready for the next day, as Molly was going to do my make up and I was still doing finishing touches to my outfit.
Saturday morning we up and dragging ourselves to the table at 7am ( we were up late chatting and sewing!). Molly did my make up, and put on fake eyelashes (first time I have worn fake eyelashes).
Outfir on, wig on and ready to go.
Jamie (another friend who came with Molly and I to Supanova) arrived and we were on the road to Supanova!!
The entry line (with a ticket) was soooo.....long!! After an hour waiting in line, we were finally in!!

Said a quick hello to a friend of mine, Max, who was working at Supanova at the ticket stand.
Once we were in, people came from everywhere asking for photos (which I was happy to do). I was thrilled people enjoyed my outfit.

First thing was walking around, found where everything was (e.g., Anime theater etc)
I found 'One day in Paradise' (a lolita shop). I fell in love with a black skirt with sliver chandlers and bows on the top of the chandlers. I didn't try in on, in fear that one would fit and I would be on the phone begging my parents for the money to buy it!!!
'One day in Paradise' will be at SMASH! (another anime convention in August) so hopefully I will have saved enough money to buy it (cross fingers!)

While walking around I found a stall selling 'Tru Blood' Bottles. As I am a fan of the show 'True Blood' I had to have one!

As I was waiting for the cosplay chess to start, Shantell and Rachel (other friends of mine) came up and said Hi. Shantell was in Kodona style lolita and Rachel in Elegant Gothic style lolita. Both looking so lovely (again I forgot to get photos...)

We went to get something to eat and walk around again. I took more photos of people there, and more people wanted photos with me.
We left at around 3pm.


  1. AAAAAhhhh Trueblood*___*
    Lucky you. I´m a Fan too

  2. Your cosplay looks great! And yeah that line outside was RIDICULOUSLY long, but at least the staff tried to get everyone in as quickly as possible.

    Will you be going to Smash in Loli?

  3. Wow, your cosplay is great!! Show us some more pictures!<3

  4. That's pretty awesome. I love your cosplay!

  5. Do you have any more cosplay chess images by chance? :p