Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Fairy Kei Photos -1-

Yay for the first 'Tuesday Fairy Kei Photos'!!!

I love the Fairy Kei style; it's so colourful and bright.
Let me know why you like the style (or don't like the style)???

I couldn't wait for tomorrows post, as I will be blogging about my new lolita dress I got last Friday :)
(via Spank Girls)

(via Cotton Candy Days)

(via Confessions of a Plague Rat)

(via Electric Alice)

(via Throw Some Peanuts)

If you have any photos that you would like me to post, email photos to me : aussiegirlinalolitaworld@hotmail.com(Make sure the email subject is: Tuesday Fairy Kei Photos)


  1. Fairy-kei is really fabulous, I like it because it is appealing to my peter pan complex haha!

    I love all the photos, but the 3rd from last is not my taste.


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