Friday, February 19, 2010

Seeing Spots!

I put on my blue spot sheets the other day and I love them

I have moved my bedroom around so I can put in a wall unit
I saw Daybreakers yesterday night with a friend of mine

Daybreakers is an Austrlian made vampire movie, which was so good (anyone who likes vampire movies must go see this movie!)
I would put up the trailer, but the movie is MA+15 (in Australia)

In other news, Animania (one of the cosplay conventions) first convention is happening March 20th. The tickets are on sale for anyone in Sydney,Australia.
Which reminds me I have to buy a ticket!

Hope everyone has a good weekend
My family and family friends are going out to dinner for my birthday.


  1. The blue dot sheets are so cute and sweet, I love those kind of colors^^ The wall unit is so cool too! I can imagine all the cool items you can store in the boxes.

  2. hmm i love polkadots ^^

    im having a giveaway i hope u can join :3

  3. Is that a Digimon plushie? <3 Nicey :)