Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lolifest 2010

Last weekend I went to a Lolifest

It was a dream to meet other lolitas in Sydney :)
We all met at the Queen Victoria Building
Lots of people took photos of us, which was very new to me. I have never had people stop and stare and take a photos of me before.
Some lolitas had gone to 'Pancakes on the Rocks', so we walked down to meet them
I ordered a chocolate pancake with ice cream and stawberries

After we had our pancakes, we walk to the Botanic Gardens
We talked and took lots of photos

We then decided to walk to a Japanese Bookshop "Kinokuniya"
Of course, I ran over to the manga section. I was hoping to find the next volume I would love to start reading "Kitchen Princess"


  1. awh u look so cute ^^
    i love the photos :3

  2. I saw this meetup on LiveJournal! I was like, I know her!! Haha. It looks like a really fun time, and I want to eat those pancakes ><