Thursday, February 25, 2010

18th Birthday Party No.2

On the weekend I had my family/family friends 18th birthday dinner
We went to a Japanese restaurant in Crows Nest (Sydney,Australia)
The restaurant is called "Ju-Rin", it won the "Best Asian restaurant 2010"
from "Good Food Guide".
(I forgot my camera to take a photo of the restaurant, but here is one from their website)

The food was beauitful, we had so much to eat!
Everyone came back to our house for cake
(The cake hit the side of the box in the car when we got it that morning...)

(Mum,Dad and me!)

I bought my wall unit the other day (YaY!)

I will put up some photos when it is finshed. Mum and I think we are brilliant as we have put a flat pack together on our own!!!

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