Monday, February 15, 2010

Having Tea ^.^

Last week I turned 18!!
I received beautiful gifts from my family

This weekend my family and family friends (who are more like family) are going to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate
Last Friday it was sooooo hot my poor dogs were suffering. I felt they would enjoy cooling off in a cool tub and get a wash at the same time.
I was drying one of my dogs, Oscar, he just looked so cute

He is about 8-9 years old (which is around 56- 63 years old in dog years!) but he still looks like a puppy!
I went shopping with my mum today

My mum bought me some pale blue spot sheets. The brand is called "Pip Studio"

I shall take a photo when I put the sheets on my bed.

I wore green tights today, I love wearing coloured tights!!

I also wore my fave crown chain

How was everyones Valentine's Day?
I had a good day, watching movies with my parents :)


  1. Omg me too. I can´t wait either till Season 3 Starts*__*
    Eric is sooo amazing

  2. Happy Birthday Day, the flower are so beautiful - and of course your picture too, the crown chain is very cool ^-^
    My valentines day was very chill and hanging out with my love ~ ^-^

  3. Happy 18th Birthday, that's an important b-day^^

    Your dog is indeed cute. He expression in those photos looks like "Why did you do this to me?" awh^^

    I love those shorts you are wearing, the chain is so cool! And the green color of the tights is so lovely^^

  4. happy 18th ^^

    i love ur dog hes so cute :3
    i love the chain aswell ^_________^

  5. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! and thanks for following!!!

  6. Oscar looks so cute! I like the crown chain <3

  7. awww, your dog is adorable!
    i want one!


  8. Happy belated 18th birthday honey!
    thank you for following also.
    Hope you had a great day & you're dog's so cute!