Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2 Days of 'True Blood'

Hi Everyone,
I spend ANZAC day and Easter Monday (which was on Tuesday here in Australia, don't ask lol ) watching True Blood season 2 with my friend (we still have 2 more episodes to go).

I am a really big fan of the show (can not wait till season 4!!) and my friend had never seen the show (I know how could he! lol) and as a have a love for vampires he wanted to watch it. I went to rent out season 1, but my video store only had season 1 disc 5 and season 2 disc 1,2,3,4. So thats why we watched season 2.

I spend about half an hour telling him all about each character, who/what they were etc etc.
Season 2 is not my favorite seasons, but my favorite character is in it, Godric <3

My mum bought a lot of stuff from JayJay's for me, so tomorrow I will post photos :)

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