Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mad About Muffins!

I made apple muffins yesterday ^^

They are so yummy!!

In Sydney the Queen Victoria Building is famous for its beautiful Christmas tree, and this year was no exception!

The Christmas tree is 3 floors high
When I was leaving the Queen Victoria Building I heard music playing. When I got outside I found a family band playing, they were really good!

Last Saturday I was at the Avalon Festival

The next markets I will be at are:
Mosman Market, 5th of Dec

Wahroonga Village Fair, 6th of Dec

Mosman Twilight Market, 10th of Dec

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  1. Muffins, yum! And wow three floors high!

  2. Wow, those heart shaped muffins look so cute and yummy^^

    That tree that is 3 floors tall is amazing, it's so pretty~!

  3. cute bag designs ^^
    those muffins make me drool :3

  4. wow i've never had an apple muffin! heart shaped and so cute

  5. Those look like delicious muffins! YUMMY!


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