Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cosplay at SMASH!

The third event cosplay in Sydney, Australia is SMASH!

I cosplayed as Maka from 'Soul Eater'
(sorry its not a good photo of me)

At SMASH! there is a cute 'Maid Cafe'
I had a strawberry cake ^^
There is a fourth cosplay event in Sydney, Australia, but sadly I could not go.


  1. Oh your cosplay is very cute, but I have never seen Soul Eater hehe. They have a maid cafe? How interesting!

  2. さらまり - Thanks ^^
    Soul eater is a really funny anime.
    The maid cafe was so cute lol, but sadly they would not let me take photos

  3. omg a maid cafe!

    some many talented cosplayers andove ur cosplay ^^

  4. i've never done it before.. it looks fun

  5. Oh my !! i think i may have seen you there ! I was a maid at the cafe (the only white girl with bright red hair)