Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cupcakes and Cosplay

On the weekend I found these cute china cupcake containers

Went out shopping last night. A fabric shop in Sydney had a 3 hour Christmas night.
I brought some patterns and cute cupcake oven mittens.

Me just before we went out :P

My eyeshadow, blue and purple


The Second cosplay event in Sydney, Australia is Supanova.

Supanova is more of a Sci-Fi event, but that does not stop us cosplayers from cosplaying!

These girls are so pretty ^-^

I cosplayed as the Major for 'Ghost in th shell'

(For more photos go to my DA)


  1. Oh wow cosplaying (I havent been to one in ages!) and yay for cupcakes. Thanks for the follow to ^_^

  2. I love anything with cupcakes on it, how cute~!!

    Oh and I love the Major ^3^ Great choice for a cosplay~^^

  3. I love the shoes
    Love cupcakes *drool*

    cool post I wish I could go to uber awesome cosplays

  4. hey thanks so so much for following my blog!!

    your blog is awesome, love cosplay stuff, its so interesting, i always wanted to do cosplay, but the clothes r super expensive

    ahh the cupcakes looks so cute >_< and your eyes are really pretty blue :]

    *im your new follower too, love your blog already!*

  5. Thanks everyone for commenting ^^