Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rose Tea Pot Set/ Heartcatch Precure!

Last week when I went to go buy my fabric for my Namine cosplay, my mum and I came across these cute rose tea pot sets

They are the kind of tea pot set you would never use, in fear of the roses braking or coming off

We also found these cute lace coasters

I love the black chandelier that they had in the shop, oh by the way the shop is Domayne

I have started watching the anime "Heartcatch Precure!"

It's a cute and funny anime show ^.^

It is on the lines of 'Sailor Moon', school girls become heros and have to kill the bad guys!

What anime shows is everyone watching or going to start watching??


  1. it looks so cute i wanna cos-play as the one in blue :3

    and lovely coasters

  2. omg!! the lamp is sooo sweet!

  3. Oh the tea cups and chandelier are both so pretty!

  4. Check out Rozen Maiden. its what got me interested in Lolita fashion

  5. Death Note, and Ouran High school...oh and Blood +