Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mini Animania Cosplay Event

The first of 4 cosplay events happened this weekend
I cosplayed as Namine from Kingdon Hearts 2

I went with a good friend of mine (it was her first cosplay event)
Met up with friends that I met at 'Lolifest' and last year another cosplay event

(Photo from

Got a photo with Sora (YaY! lol)

For more cosplay photos please go to my DA

Also Kerli Music Video clip just came out:

Kerli - Tea Party - Official Music Video

KERLI MySpace Music Videos


  1. Sweet I love Namine, your costume rocks!

  2. Oh what cute photos, and your cosplay is nice! Recently I feel like cosplaying again.

    Oh I love the last photo of the BJD!