Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I am still here!!

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have not added a post for awhile I have been so busy.
What has been happening this month......

Well to begin I went to see Green Day, they were so awesome!!

(sorry for the bad photos lol)

I got a Lip Sevice dress last weekend, I shall post photos soon

I did a mini photoshoot as well

(For more photos please go to my DA http://gothiclolita-girl.deviantart.com/ )
It is so hot over here in Sydney, Australia, it reached 40 degrees last weekend.
I hope everyone has a happy holiday :)


  1. love the bow #^^

    i wish I could pull them off :(
    love the boots
    and omg Greenday!!!
    I wanna see them too T_T

    hope u had a great time though :3

  2. Oh~! I'm glad to read your article, I missed your blogging^^ It sounds like you were having a lot of fun!

    I can't wait to see your new dress. Your photoshoot photos are really cool. You look so beautiful in the close up of your face^^