Friday, December 4, 2009

Chocolate Lady

On the weekend my parent's and I went to an open house.
While I was there I meet a lady who makes handmade chocolates and biscuits, Gumnut is her business name.

I am very much a 'Alice in Wonderland' fan and when I saw these shoes on Pretty Clever blog I almost died!

I would so much love to have these shoes, you can get them at Endless


  1. They are too adorable aren't they? And so reasonably priced that it's all I can do not to click on 'Add to Cart'!

  2. Oh I love chocolate, and those pictures make me want to ruin my diet! haha.

    Those shoes are cute, they had some at the local Halloween store this year I think but not large enough size for me haha!

  3. I love the shoes they make me want to dress up and put on a massive bow in my hair

    I really want some chocolate now (drool)