Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To Replica Or Not???

So you are in love with a lolita brand dress/skirt would do anything for it and see the price Ahh!!
Yes just like everyday brands, lolita brands are expensive, even secondhand (I have heard that a BTSSB dress secondhand went for $600)
Sometimes you may find brand dresses/skirts for sale secondhand for ok/good prices from EGL or Mbok or even lolita friends that are cleaning out their wardrobe best to always have an eye out even if you are not looking

But there is hope!! If you really want that brand dress/skirt but really can not afford the price tag that comes with it you can buy this thing we like to call a Replica!
There are 'off brands' that make replica dresses/skirts of brand, there are little differences but not much. the prints are usually spot on. Down side to replicas is the fabric is not as good as the brand, but none the less if you want that dress/skirt now go replica

Now I understand if you are reading this and are someone that is against replicas...I love my brands too and try my best to save up to buy brand dresses but sometimes the dress I want I just can not afford sadly...and lets not even start about the cost of jewellery (doesn’t mean I don’t have brand jewellery!)

Now back to replicas, for my replicas I go to DOL (Dream of Lolita) I have the a replica of Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate JSK, the print is right and so is the bow but down side is like I said before is the fabric

The next print I am thinking about saving up for to buy in a replica is Angelic Pretty's Milky Planet JSK. I love this dress so much in the purple but at the moment can not afford to buy the non-replica

(Replica by DOL)

(Angelic Pretty dress)
So what are your thoughts on replicas??


  1. I am usually okay with replicas because like you said, it can be really hard to save up or even find the dress/print you want. I recently got a replica of MmM's Silent Moon by Oo Jia and it's gorgeous, plus I had it custom sized to my measurements which I wouldn't have been able to get.

    The one thing I don't like about replicas is some lolita's want to replicate everything. I see many girls on Oo Jia's facebook making events for like every AP print out there XD They will even ask her to consider making a replica of a print that just got released!! I find that too much.

    If you decide to get a replica of Milky Planet, look up Oo Jia's replicas of it. They are very good! Much better than DOL in my opinion but it's up to you :)

  2. I agree you cant not replica every print, then no one would ever buy from the brand...and new released things thats just bad :S

    I will have a lot at Oo Jia, thank you for letting me know about her facebook and that she does replicas :D

  3. I have a few Mercedes, only because me being so tall (as you know) I feel left out as AP is SO SO SHORT lol. One of my dream prints doesn't cover my butt *_*

  4. I like replica brands that make similar items, but not copycats. How would you feel if you went to all the trouble of designing something, then someone steals your design and all the money you would have made. I understand not wanting to pay brand prices, but it's not fair to the good brands when they get stolen. They could easily designa different pattern so it's not stealing.