Wednesday, May 12, 2010


On Saturday night my friend, Jamie and I went to the Northbridge Fireworks.
The fireworks are on every year around the same time. Lots of families go to see the fireworks, so there were a lot of kids running around all excited waiting for the fireworks to start.

Met up with old friends that were there, as there is not much for teenages to do in Sydney (that is free!) these events are great to meet up with people you know and have not seen for sometime.
At around 7:15pm the fireworks began.

It was a great night and I really enjoyed catching up with old friends.


  1. aw i know what u mean with free events...its way too hard to go out with friends without spending money...especially if its cold outside
    & i love fireworks!

  2. I love fireowkrs ^^
    great pictures ^^

    I always end up spending money on food XD